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General Knowledge Questions

  1. What was banned in 393 A.D. as it was considered an unholy ritual by the Romans?
  2. The musical instrument ‘veena’ is made from the wood of which tree?
  3. The movie Jurassic Park was based on a novel of the same name. Can you name the author?
  4. Which famous personality was assassinated on 31st October 1984 by Satwant Singh and Beant Singh?
  5. Who owns the newspaper Saakshi and used it to campaign in the media?
  6. The filament of a common light bulb is generally made from which material?
  7. Who was the last Tsar (king) of Russia who along with his entire family was murdered in the Russian revolution in 1917?
  8. Who in Indian sports is known as the Flying Sikh?
  9. In internet terminology we often come across the term URL. What does URL stand for?
  10. In world of children literature, who is the famous sister of Anastasia and Drizella?

Quiz Answers

  1. Olympics
  2. Jackfruit
  3. Michael Cricton
  4. Indira Gandhi
  5. YS JagaMohan Reddy (son of YSR Reddy, the late Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh)
  6. Tungsten
  7. Tsar Nicholas ll
  8. Milkha Singh (the famous runner who missed the 1988 Olympic bronze in 400m just by a whisker. He is the father of the famous golfer, Jeev Milkha Singh)
  9. Universal Resource Locator
  10. Cindrella
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