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First People - Who were the first to do something?

First/Last Heads of State

The first woman Prime Minister of a country Mrs. S. Bandaraike (Sri Lanka)
The first President of the U.S.A. George Washington
The first President of the Chinese Republic Sun Yet Sen
The first Governor-General of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah
The last king of France Napolean III
Iraq’s first freely elected President Jalal Talabani (April 6, 2005)
The first elected woman President of an African country Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (President of Liberia elected in Nov. 2005)
The first woman Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel (Took over in November, 2005)
The first woman President of Argentina Ms. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (Elected on October 29, 2007)
The first European to visit China Marco Polo
The first Chinese pilgrim to visit India Fahien
The first European invader on Indian soil Alexander, the Great
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