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Medical Inventions and Discoveries

Banting – Insulin (a cure for diabetes)

Bernard Christian – Replacing the human heart

Brahmchari, U.M. – Cure of kala-a-zar fever

Domagk – Sulpha drugs as bactericides

Fleming Alexander – Penicillin (in 1929)

Harvey ­– Circulation of blood

Hahnemann – Founder of Homeopathy

Hopkins F. G. – Vitamin D

Jenner – Smallpox Vaccination

Koch Robert – Tubercle Bacillus

Lainnec – Stethoscope

Lister, Lord – Antiseptic surgery

Pasteur Louis – Treatment of rabies, cure of hydrophobia

Ronald Ross – Malaria parasite

Salk Jonas E. – Anti-polio. Vaccine

Simpson and Harrison – Chloroform

Wakesman - Streptomycin

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