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Space Terms - Definitions & Glossary of Space Terms

Absolute Zero – The starting point of absolute temperature where all molecular motion ceases.

Artificial Gravity – This is actually the creation of centrifugal force by causing a craft-like object, the popularly known space station, to slowly rotate. This is just one more attempt to imitate the natural environment.

Astronaut – One who is chosen to go on flights into space.

Capsule – The original container for the astronauts in their orbiting flights around the earth. It is sealed tight and can maintain for an extended period of time an environment suitable for life to exist.

Command Module – The section of the Apollo space craft which houses the crew of three astronauts and which is the only reentering unit of the main sub-system used during the flight.

Communication Satellite – A satellite which is equipped to act as a middle relay station for a transmitting and receiving station pair thousands of miles apart. These wouldn’t have to rely upon ground cables which are not always available between the two points.

Rocket – A device which can produce thrust by burning fuel and is capable of moving itself as a result of reaction.

Space Suit – A suit which can provide the necessary environment for an astronaut in case of cabin pressure failure. If he wishes to go outside and around the ship as it travels through space, he will wear the suit temporarily while he is in space.

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