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Variety of Animals

Albatross – Sea bird found in North Pacific off the American caost.

Alpaca – Animal found in Chile (South America)

Antelope – A group of hollow-horned ruminants related to sheep and goats.

Chameleon – A lizard which changes color of its own skin in Africa.

Cod – Well known food fish, found in abundance off the British and Iceland coasts. In Iceland, extraction of oil from these fish forms an important industry.

Corals – Small marine animals found in the Mediterranean, the Pacific and the Indian industry.

Giraffe – Found in Africa, the tallest animal in the world.

Gorilla – Largest of the man-like or anthropoid apes, native of Africa.

Kiwi – Flightless bird found in New Zealand.

Octopus – It is a sea animal with eight sucker arms.

Ostrich – Flightless largest living bird prized for its rich feathers, found in Africa and Australia. It can run at a great speed.

Walrus – Large arctic marine animal which inhabits north polar regions.

Yak – A large black shaggy ox of Tibet, used as a beast of burden.

Porcupine – A rodent covered with defensive quills.

Pelican – Water foul, found in North America and Europe.

Penguin – Flightless sea-bird inhabiting south temperature and Antarctic regions.

Puma – A carnivorous quadruped of North America.

Reindeer – A genus of deer horned in both sexes found in Siberia, and in Scandinavian Countries.

Mustang – A small wild horse of western U.S.A.

Lynx – A spotted cat like animal with a proverbially keen vision found in the forest of Europe, Asia and Northern America.

Ibex – A wild goat having long curved horns found in the mountain regions of Europe, Africa and Asia.

Trout – A fresh water fish of the Salmonide family, found in Kashmir.

Zebra – African quadruped of whitish-gray color with regular black stripes.

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