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How do I create a database for my knowledge base?

If your web hosting provider isn’t running CPanel or Plesk, then there are a few different ways you can create a database for your knowledge base. Each different method is explained below:
  1. Create a database using PHPMyAdmin - PHPMyAdmin is a database tool that you can use to create and modify databases on your web server. Most hosting providers will create a link to PHPMyAdmin from their control panel. Once you find the link, simply click on it and PHPMyAdmin will open up. It will look something like this:

    You should see a field that’s labeled "Create a new database". In the text box, simply type in a name for your knowledge base’s database, such as "kb" or "knowledgebase" and click the "Create" button. Your new MySQL database will then be created and is ready to use.

  2. Create a database in your control panel - If you’re web hosting provider isn’t running PHPMyAdmin then they might offer an alternate way to create a database from your hosting control panel. Look for a link that says something like Create database, New database, Add MySQL database, etc. You should then be asked for a name for your database. Enter something such as "kb" or "knowledgebase".

  3. Ask your web hosting provider to create a database - Failing everything else, you can simply email or call your web hosting provider and ask them to create a database for you. Make sure you ask them to send you back an email that contains your MySQL user, password, hostname and database name.
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