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Wireless Dental Camera (Intra-Oral Camera)

This is a wireless dental camera, an inter-oral camera with a wireless transmitter built in for ease of movement while using the camera. Examining your own teeth at home has now become possible with this Wireless Dental Camera. It consists of a 1.3MP camera for high resolution video or still shots and a 2.4GHz wireless receiver that can be plugged into a TV using the AV connection or into a computer via USB. Once the receiver is connected to a TV or a PC, the camera will automatically transmit the images of your mouth allowing you to have a closer examination of your teeth. This toothbrush-shaped device also comes with 6 built in LED lights around its lens and has a transmission range up to 10 meters.

Wireless Dental Camera

Even though you faithfully brush your teeth every morning and night, are you really sure your pearly whites and gums are in perfect health? A weekly trip to the dentist would answer those questions, but so would this considerably more affordable wireless dental camera. The toothbrush-shaped device features a 1.3MP camera that transmits the images of your mouth to a 2.4GHz wireless receiver which can be connected to a TV or a PC for closer examination. A set of 6 white LEDs around the lens should provide ample light no matter what time of day you go exploring, but keep in mind the transmission range is limited to about 33 feet. Also, it only comes in a PAL version, so sorry for North America, Japan and the rest of the NTSC-only countries.

The Wireless Dental Camera is available for just over $100.

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