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Create Standalone JavaScript Modal Windows with TinyBox2

TinyBox2 is the successor of the previously published resource TinyBox which is a standalone JavaScript modal windows library. The library is lightweight (only 5kb) and supports images, iframes, HTML and Ajax requests natively.

JavaScript Modal Windows

Modal windows are very flexible with the options like toggle animation, auto-hide, opacity level, custom positions and more. They can be closed by simply clicking on the close button, anywhere outside the modal box or Esc Key.

There are callback functions for the open + close events and the windows can be set to load in a specific size or the width/height (auto) of the content to be displayed.

Click here for the demo.
Click here to download.

This script is tested in IE7+, FF, Chrome, Opera, and Safari and is available free of charge for both personal or commercial projects under the creative commons license.

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