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jQuery Dropdown Check List

Dropdown Check List is a JavaScript Plugin for jQuery library that transforms a regular select html element into a dropdown checkbox list. The Dropdown Check List jQuery widget transforms a regular into a dropdown checkbox list.


Dropdown Check List plugin dynamically builds a container with checkboxes and labels to replace the select element. You can customize the look and feel of your dropdown check list by simply updating CSS file.
The existing select element with id=’select_id’ is replaced by a dropdown checkbox list widget. See the Demo Page for a detailed description and live examples.

Dropdown Checkbox List

How does it work?

Dropdown Check List uses the existing structure of the html select elements on which it is applied to dynamically build a container with checkboxes and labels then hides the original select element. The plugin does not change in any way the existing select element, only syncronize the checked values from the new container to the original select. This approach has the added benefit to allow the use of the plugin with any server technology.

  • Supports items selected by default
  • Set a fixed width on the control even if the dropdown list is wider
  • Set a fixed height of the dropdown list with scrolling
  • Option to let the first item in list check all items
  • Select with groups
  • Single select with radio buttons instead of check-boxes

The current version of drop-down check list can be downloaded from google code downloads. This page, including all required files to run the examples, can be downloaded as zip package from the same location. Dropdown check list requires jquery.js and ui.core.js and has been tested with jquery version 1.2.6. The widget has been tested with IE 7, Firefox 3, Opera 9.6, Safari 3.1 (for windows) and Chrome 0.3 browsers.

Requirements: jQuery

Dropdown Check List Website

Online Demo

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