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Top Knowledge Management Tools
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Knowledge Management is the systematic and explicit control of vital knowledge in pursuit of business objectives. Its processes involve the creation, diffusion, organization, use, and exploitation of business-critical processes and goals. It presents... Read More
Create Excel 2007 Documents in PHP with PHPExcel
Viewed 1233 times since Wed, Jul 14, 2010
A set of PHP classes for writing to and reading from different file formats, like Excel, PDF and HTML. It supports many MS Excel features like adding worksheets to a spreadsheet, inserting data and formulas to cells, calculating formulas and much... Read More
FAQ: Which searches are considered full-text searches?
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8.5 indexes the document content and all of the associated profile metadata from Custom 1 through Custom 30. This also includes date and Boolean fields. Any search which includes criteria in the full-text search file will effectively trigger a search... Read More