Nokia N8 Smartphone Price in India

Nokia N8 Price in India: The new Nokia N8 Smartphone is expected to be priced around Rupees 22,000 in India. People say that Nokia has smartly priced its new smartphone this time. The new Nokia N8 is a new 3.5-inch capacitive Touchscreen mobile phone... Read More

HP buys Palm for $1.2 Billion

This is indeed today's breaking news as computer hardware giant Hewlett Packard has announced just now that they will be buying PDA maker Palm for $1.2 billion. That means HP is paying $5.70 per share for the acquisition which the company sources say... Read More

Rupay Card by India to replace Visa, MasterCard

After almost two years of planning, the National Payments Corporation has at last finalized the proposed unique India Card which once commercially launched would be an domestic alternative to the global real-time payment processing firms like Visa... Read More

Transfer Procedure - Name Transfer Endorsement (Motor)

Insurance can be transferred to the buyer of the used vehicle. Name transfer endorsement process to be followed for request or query received during transfer of ownership Business Rule : Inspection is mandatory in case of transfer of the policy .... Read More

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