What is the best day to send email newsletter?

Unfortunately there is no definitive "Best Day To Send Email Newsletter" as the best day will be determined by the people to whom you are sending the emails and the type of email you are sending. Below are some of the factors that should be taken into consideration before determining which day to launch your email campaigns.
The first thing we do is identify who the email communication is targeting. You want to determine if you are sending to a consumer group or a business group because these two groups will process the email in different ways and at different times.
Once we have identified whether we are sending to a consumer or to a business group, we look at the content and try and determine if the content dictates when we should send the email.

Sending Invitation Email Newsletter?

Determines how far in advance you send the email. If the event is a 30 minute webinar you can send this much closer to the event than if the event is a national trade-show which will require travel and accommodation.

Sending An Advertisement Campaign?

This determines when the email is sent as you will want to send the email at least 2 to 3 days prior to the sale starting and you may want a follow up email a day or two before the sale ends.

Sending A General Announcement?

If you are sending general information or announcements, you can fall back to looking at whether you are sending to a business or to a consumer group and then apply general sending guidelines.

What is the best day to send newsletter campaign?

After you have looked at the factors we have detailed above, you can determine the day based on the content. If the content does not really determine the day, you may follow these rules:
You can follow these guidelines for sending email campaigns:

What is the Best Day & Time To Send Your Emails?

The only way to get a definite answer to what day and time of day will get your email campaign the best results is to split test your email and analyze the results. First, split your email list into 5 equal segments and send the same email message at the same time on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Review the analytics and let the results determine which day garnered the best results. On your next campaign, send your message on the best day determined by the first split test and then send your message to equal segments at different times throughout the day. Based on this method you will have the best day and time to send your campaign. Statistics in this article based on surveys and studies released by eROI.

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