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Here is a collection of current affairs quiz questions that includes 2010 General Knowledge, Current Affairs Gk Questions and more. These question answers will help you refresh your memory on current affairs of India and the world targeted at getting you ready for the current affair quiz. This 2010 General Knowledge Quiz will updated on monthly basis.

1. Where are the headquarters of World Anti-Doping Agency?
2. Paul Allen, who has recently pledged most of his estimated $13.5 billion fortune to philanthropy is related to which of the following IT giants?
3. Which of the following country is the largest producer of Uranium?
4. The Symbol of Indian Rupee approved by the Union Cabinet on 15th July, 2010. The Design for the symbol was submitted by
5. Which has the most populous democracy in the world?
6. What Is The India’s Rank In The Gold Market?
7. Which ministers has been summoned by CBI in Shorabuddin Case?
8. Which of the following cricketers has taken 800 wickets in Test cricket?
9. Which of the following country has adopted new constitution recently?
10. Which of the following is not a measure to control inflation adopted by the Government or RBI?

Current Affairs 2010 Quiz - Answers

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