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  1. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Data mining, which integrates various technologies, including computational intelligence, database and knowledge management, machine learning, soft computing, and statistics, is one of the fastest growing fields in computer science. Although many dat... Read More
  2. PHP Quiz Questions and Answers Some PHP quiz questions with answers to help you score good in interview of a PHP developer. The answers to these interview questions are given at the end of this page. 1) What will be the output of PHP code below? PHP Code <?php $x=arr... Read More
  3. How Knowledge Management System Work? The goal of knowledge management is to continually improve the operational processes of a business. Successful business knowledge management relies on several key factors. Business knowledge management refers to the process by which organizations man... Read More
  4. General Knowledge Quiz To Test Your General Knowledge 1. What is the Full Form of YAHOO? Yet Another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle 2. What is the Full Form of ADIDAS? ADIDAS - All Day I Dream About Sports 3. What is the expansion of Star as in Star TV Network? Satellite Television Asian Region 4. Wha... Read More

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