Magnetic Electricity Generator - Information & Benefits

Does the idea of producing your own free energy sound unbelievable to you? It is true that with traditional generators it would be impossible to produce free power. The generators need to burn some kind of fuel like diesel or gas in order to operate, but this doesn’t happen in the case of a magnetic motor. Magnetism is abundant and always present, which enables these devices to work indefinitely without any external energy input. The motor takes advantage of the repulsion and attraction properties of the magnets to generate a current, which is then turned into electricity. The generator is completely safe to use and operate, because it’s not flammable or combustible.

Have you ever wanted totally free electric for you home or office? Magnetic Energy Generator Do-It-Yourself kit claim to offer just that. The electric generator system is a package of very simple, easy to follow plans, that allow the user to construct their own Magnetic Electric Generator. A small magnetic generator can be constructed by anyone, even with no prior experience in as little as two hours. You may be wondering what it costs to build a Magnetic Electricity Generator? The Electric Generator that I constructed using the plans cost just under $120 and was capable of powering nearly 50% of my home, thus cutting my electric bill in half. By building an additional unit, or building a larger unit, I will be able to virtually eliminate my electric bill. But what special tools are required to construct a do it yourself free energy generator? None! Virtually all you need is standard household tools, such as a screwdriver. The materials for the Magnetic Generator itself can be purchased from any local hardware store, such as Home Depot.

Most people believe that the idea of generating their own electricity is simply too good to be true. Of course everyone is aware of solar and wind power, but many people have rejected these alternative energy systems because they don’t live in windy or sunny climates or because they may be too expensive to install. This is not a problem with the power of the magnets.

Using a magnetic generator has distinct advantages over the use of other alternative energy sources such as solar or wind power. The main advantage is that magnetic energy is not reliant on weather, where as a cloudy day can eliminate solar energy. Another advantage is cost. Solar and Wind systems are generally very expensive to install, whereas the Magniwork system is very inexpensive!

A magnetic generator can work anywhere, because it needs no outside resources like sunlight, wind and fossil fuels. This system runs by itself with almost no downtime, creating more and more energy. If you compare a magnetic generator with a solar panel, you will realize that this motor is far superior. A solar panel can’t work during cloudy days, because it needs sunlight. On the contrary magnetic energy is abundant and always present.

Magnetic Generator Benefits

Just take a look at a few more benefits of a magnetic generator:
  • You can reduce your electricity bill by 50% or completely eliminate it if you build a large unit.
  • This device is very eco-friendly and doesn’t exude harmful emissions or heat during its operation.
  • It doesn’t require maintenance.
  • It produces more energy per horsepower if you compare it with the traditional energy sources.
  • It can help you make money by selling all the extra electricity you generate to your utility company.
  • It is a very safe alternative way to power your household, because it doesn’t cause combustion and it’s not flammable.
  • It can work non-stop 24 hours per day without getting influenced by any climatic changes.
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space, which means that it can be installed anywhere, even if your house is very small.
  • The system will easily pay for itself in less than 2 months. The most important step in order to build your own magnetic motor is finding quality diy plans. These plans will guide you through the building process and help you avoid making critical mistakes.
Sooner or later most people will realize that an energy crisis is about to happen. The global population is increasing rapidly and the earth’s resources are getting depleted fast.It is essential to find alternative power sources. Magnetism is one of the most abundant, safe and clean forms of power you can find and it is estimated than in about a decade everyone will be using it in order to protect the environment and save a lot of money on electric bills.

Based on the experience I had building my magnetic energy generator, I would recommend the plans to anyone looking to reduce or eliminate their electric bill, or simply looking to help the environment! Magnetic energy is proving to be one of the leading sources of alternative green energy!