Hydrogen Power verus Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars will not save the environment. There, the cat is out of the bag. But, how so you ask? All the commercials and websites are pimping these babies like they are the second coming. If you ever lift the hood of a hybrid, read the label on the battery. You can’t throw them out because they are toxic and contain heavy metals that would pollute our ground water! They can weigh as much as 600 pounds. Think what would happen if that hybrid car got into the accident besides your city’s water supply. It would destroy it. And in twenty years time, what is going to happen to all those batteries stocked up in the junk yard? Do you think they’ll never leak?

A lot of proponents will tell you that the batteries will be recycled for new cars, but what happens when we turn to new technology. Right now all Hybrids are using Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries, already we are looking to move on to Lithium-Ion batteries. Hybrids are a fad. They won’t last long, but the damage they could cause the planet could last a life time.

So if Hybrids won’t save the world, what do we do?

Because let’s face it, our entire economy is now reliant on cheap, fast transportation. We can’t give up driving, our lives and the world would suffer.

Welcome Hydrogen Power. Norway and Sweden have been toying with the idea of hydrogen power for years. Now they have developed hydrogen buses, cars, trucks and more. They even are working on developing the first fully hydrogen powered highway.

California has a hydrogen highway too, where instead of gas stations there are hydrogen re-fueling stations. Talk about something that seems very science fiction! But it’s not. The US army is using hydrogen powered hummers, and hydrogen buses are rolling down our highways.

If it’s good enough for the US army and public transportation, you’ve got to believe it’ll work for your car. In fact any car can be converted to run with hydrogen power whether it be gas run or diesel. But how?

Water contains fuel. If you can split the Hydrogen from the Oxygen in water, you have everything you need to create combustion and run your car’s engine. Not to get too techy, but there are different ways to do this. It’s not a direct split, but an alteration of water into a gas. This burns and is what you may have heard called HHO.

Burning HHO or Brown Gas is even better for the environment than just burning Hydrogen! Adding hydrogen to the air-fuel mixture in a car’s engine will allow the engine to burn the gas more completely because the hydrogen is simply more flammable. This makes your engine vastly increase its efficiency and have a more complete burn. This is good for you, and for the environment!

Think about it, the instructions and the materials will cost you under two hundred dollars that saves you at least each time you fill up, which if you’re like me is four times a month! Four! It won’t take long for a return on your investment. We’ve purchased a few kits, so you don’t have to try some to only find out it wasn’t what you were looking for. We spent extensive time reviewing them, and have narrowed it down to the top three that really work. Not only that, but these hydrogen conversion kits are easy to use and come with a lot of colorful, and helpful pictures.