How to Get Rid of Lost Libido in Women

As the saying goes, "No man or woman is an island." Libido is an essential factor for not being the proverbial island, since it provides satisfaction personally and relationship-wise. Due to aging and certain circumstances, the drive for intercourse decreases. Many women, as a result, lose their eagerness to do other activities, including work. The good news is, you can reclaim your libido. Just focus on why it was lost in the first place, then take the right medicine, coupled by a counseling program.

Causes of Lost Libido in Women

Lost libido originates psychologically or due to certain habits, especially with women. A woman is emotionally attached with many endeavors, which plays a role in the decrease. When those emotions are dulled or hit by trauma, conditions as serious as the loss of libido can manifest. A number of diseases can also contribute to the loss of sexual appetite, so having a healthy body is a good defense. Here are some of the causes of the loss of libido:

  • Anemia vaginal dryness trauma (rape, failing relationship, etc.)
  • After effect of giving birth
  • Stress
  • Diabetes
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Drug dependency
  • Drinking and Alcoholism

Some of the causes are quite distinct, which means a remedy for one cause may not work for the others. You should properly diagnose the causes before getting treatment. That way, you can reclaim your libido as soon as possible, without wasting time and money.


Remedies for the loss of libido are highly relative, so knowing how it decreased is necessary. The prevalent means are prescribed drugs, creams, and finding ways on how to boost the relationship. Treating the condition is not easy, but manageable with enough focus. Just trust your doctor or your relationship counselor, since they have treated by numerous cases similar to yours.

Work with Your Doctor Closely

Your doctor comes as your most helpful companion with regard to the loss of libido. Through a series of tests, he or she can diagnose the causes, prescribe the right drugs and perform the right procedures. If your doctor fails to find conclusive evidence regarding your condition, he or she can then tell you to consult your shrink or a relationship counselor, which is the case for psychological causes.

Wellbutrin and Estrogen Pills

Wellbutrin is a potent antidepressant. Incidentally, it is also a recommended drug for the loss of libido, since it stimulates the body's production of dopamine. Dopamine sends signals to the brain regarding the desire for intecourse, adding to one's sexual appetite. Work in coordination with your doctor to know the proper dosage. In its place, you can also take estrogen pills, which is known for stopping pregagnancies and partially increasing lust.

Vaginal Cream and Other Means of Lubrication

Vaginal creams are the perfect remedies for vaginal dryness. Through constant application, the vagina is eventually lubricated, stimulating libido. You can also use contraceptives that lubricate the vaginal walls such as the diaphragm, IUD, vaginal moisturizers, in case the cream fails to produce the desired results. Consult your doctor on the moisturizers that work well with your condition.

The Vibrator

The vibrator is not just a sex toy, it is also an effective means of reclaiming lost libido. By using it, as advised by your doctor, you can get reaccustomed to the “tingles” leading to orgasms, which make sex pleasurable. The more intense they get, your craving for the act increases exponentially. Use it in conjunction with the other remedies for optimum results.


Testosterone, known as the hormone of desire, is a pretty effective solution for decreasing levels of lust. The drug is known for stimulating sexual urges as well as increasing vaginal sensitivity. With the proper dosage, you can reclaim your libido in no time. However, you should get clearance from your doctor before relying on it, since the use of testosterone hasn't been approved by the FDA.

Relationship Counseling

A bad relationship is enough to kill the sexual appetite of a couple, much more if it pertains to a discrepancy in sexual performance. Sometimes even the most the medicine won't work. In this case, you should consult a relationship/marriage counselor. An experienced counselor can help you get your groove back, not only in the bedroom, but also in the relationship. Do your own counseling as well, as you teach your guy on how to pleasure you properly. Upon the establishment of compromise, your love for sex will son be back to normal.

Consult a Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist's job is to disarm people from their inhibitions, secrets, and traumas. The loss of libido happens to fall within those categories. With honest accounts of your feelings and experiences, the shrink can extract the causes and remedy them with medicine. In addition, you'll be advised to apply some changes in your lifestyle, all of which you must follow. The journey is challenging, but in the end, you'll get sexual pleasure, the way you have always wanted it to be.

Effective Remedies

The loss of libido directly affects the well being of any woman. Reclaiming it is just as important as treating a serious disease. Good thing you have more than a few remedies that you can rely on. Take them, as prescribed by your doctor or your shrink, to finally get your lost sexual glory.