How do you specify units in the CSS?

There are different ways to specify units in CSS like px, em, pt, and percentage (%). px(Pixel) gives fine-grained control and maintains alignment because 1 px or multiple of 1 px is guaranteed to look sharp. px is not cascade. em maintains relative size. you can have responsive fonts. Em, will cascade 1em is equal to the current font size of the element or the browser default. If u sent font-size to 16px then 1em = 16px. The common practice is to set default body font-size to 62.5% (equal to 10px).

pt(point) are traditionally used in print. 1pt = 1/72 inch and it is a fixed-size unit.

%(percentage) sets font-size relative to the font size of the body. Hence, you have to set the font size of the body to a reasonable size.