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Dual-boot Windows XP and Windows 7


If you're a Windows XP holdout who's curious about Windows 7 but still cautious about jumping into a new OS, this tutorial is just for you. In this tutorial, I show you how to create a dual-boot system that runs both Windows XP and Windows 7. Are you... Read More

How to find the IP address of the sender in Gmail?


When you receive an email, you receive more than just the message. The email comes with headers that carry important information that can tell where the email was sent from and possibly who sent it. For that, you would need to find the IP address of... Read More

Google Voice Search


If you are sick of typing search queries, there is a good news for you. Google has added voice search to its search home screen on Chrome browsers. Although it was announced a few weeks back, I noticed it for the first time early this morning. The... Read More

Avast! Antivirus 6 released


AVAST Software a.s. has released new versions of its popular set of anti-virus and security products. Used by over 130 million users worldwide, Avast! Antivirus is one of the most trusted and recommended solutions for protecting against virus and... Read More

A Basic Guide to the Internet


The Internet is a computer network made up of thousands of networks worldwide. No one knows exactly how many computers are connected to the Internet. It is certain, however, that these number in the millions. No one is in charge of the Internet.... Read More

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