What are Pseudo elements and Pseudo classes?

Pseudo-elements allows us to create items that do not normally exist in the document tree, for example ::after.

  • ::before
  • ::after
  • ::first-letter
  • ::first-line
  • ::selection

In the below example, the color will appear only on the first line of the paragraph.

p: :first-line {
	color: #ffOOOO;
	font-variant: small-caps;

Pseudo-classes select regular elements but under certain conditions like when the user is hovering over the link.

  • :link
  • :visited
  • :hover
  • :active
  • :focus

For an example in the pseudo-class, In the below example, the color applies to the anchor tag when it’s hovered.

/* mouse over link */
a:hover {
	color: #FFOOFF;


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