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Knowledge Management is the systematic and explicit control of vital knowledge in pursuit of business objectives. Its processes involve the creation, diffusion, organization, use, and exploitation of business-critical processes and goals. It presents business knowledge in a top-down manner.

Objectives of Knowledge Management

How do you improve performance in an organization? What things can a company do to gain a competitive advantage? Thinking outside the box is easier said than done, so how do you innovate? These are some of the objectives that make up Knowledge Management. Because the skills needed to run a business depend on the type of business, how do you collect the information to make those business goals a reality? This is important, because in order to properly manage a business as new individuals are brought in, they must be aware of the collective knowledge that comes from running that business over a period of time.


Knowledge Management SoftwarePHPKB Knowledge Base Software provides a Web-Based/Industry-Standards approach to knowledge acquisition. The program has advanced search capabilities. It can integrate with Windows Active directory via LDAP. There are content editing features and mechanisms for user feedback. Also included in the program are the ability to have file attachments, question management, version control, and reporting.

PHPKB Knowledge Management Software makes sharing information easy whether it is from a website or from an intranet with an enterprise-grade knowledge base. It helps reduce customer support, and it improves staff productivity. Since the knowledge base is centralized, This eliminates time wasted when searching for information across multiple systems such as shared folders and paper documents.

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2. eGain Service

One company that is addressing the concerns that businesses will have over their skill sets is eGain. eGain Service provides a complete suite of customer service and contact center software products. It provides organizations with tools to transform their traditional call centers into multichannel hubs. These hubs allow companies to improve the customer experience, and they offer a unified multichannel customer service. They also improve the end-to-end service process, and achieve enhanced contact center performance.

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These top knowledge management tools listed here have similar features in common. They can take the existing knowledge base created and supported from employees, clients, and business partners. The knowledge base can be Internet, intranet, or server based. The software is easy to use and has multiple features that allow centralization and management.


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