Chadha Software rolls out Cloud Knowledge Management Software

Companies looking to build a simple and complete knowledge management environment for an limited/unlimited number of employees around the world at an affordable price can now start using the new cloud knowledge management software, PHPKB SaaS.

As a provider of knowledge management software, Chadha Software Technologies added the complete hosted license (Software as a Service) model to its portfolio to provide companies with a comprehensive cloud knowledge management system that will facilitate them to act flexibly, globally and cost-consciously.

The new PHPKB SaaS model, an enterprise cloud app for the cloud office is a general information and knowledge management software designed for small, medium and large enterprise-level companies.

Cloud Knowledge Management Software

According to Chadha Software Technologies, the new cloud software facilitates companies to save information and knowledge in a central ’Cloud Office’. It also eliminates the hassles associated with software installations, downloads or any other changes to their computers. It even guarantees worldwide access.

Providing the capability to digitalize cloud knowledge, the software features an integrated WYSIWYG XHTML editor and ’Import From HTML’ module that allows the direct creation of documents via Microsoft Word by converting them to HTML format including all the images and formatting styles.

With PHPKB SaaS software, text can be copied from other applications as usual, inserted, and then by a wide range of formatting functions accordingly adjusted. Images, tables and footnotes can be also created through the toolbar with just a few clicks and formatted. The software also features the facility to create/manage private categories and user-groups for a fine granular user and role level rights concept, which is the way to protect categories, articles and documents to provide information only to selected employees/groups.

In addition, each document can be fitted with keywords and meta tags for easier search of topics within the documents, with the help of new cloud software. Additional full-text searches on the document content guarantee accurate results in a broad search.

The big advantage of implementing a virtual office via PHPKB Cloud Solution is that you have the ability to be flexible and scalable for each new situation in your business. Instead of being stuck with rigid system architecture that’s dedicated to specific applications, the new enterprise idea enables you to use professional apps for each business case, just when you need them.

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