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Branches of Science and their Definitions

Branches of Science Dealing with Different Subjects

Agriculture – Culture of all cultures.

Agronomy – Agros = field + nomous = cultivation i.e. Art of growing crops.

Aeronautics – Science of flight of airplanes.

Anatomy – Structure of the human body.

Arboriculture – Cultivation of trees and vegetables.

Astronomy – Study of heavenly bodies.

Biology – Science of living bodies.

Botany – Science of plant life.

Chemistry – Composition, and properties of various elements in nature.

Cryptography – Secret writing.

Cryogenics – Concerned with the production, control, and application of very low temperatures.

Cytogenetics – Cell formation.

Cytology – Dealing with cells.

Entomology – Insects study.

Exobiology – Science deals with life or possibilities of life existing beyond the earth.

Floriculture – Flowers cultivation.

Geology – Condition, and structure of the earth.

Horticulture – Art of garden cultivation.

Hydroponics – Culture of plants without soil, with the help of chemical solution containing nutrients.

Iconography – Teaching by pictures and models.

Jurisprudence – Science of law.

Lexicography – Compiling of the dictionary.

Meteorology – Atmospheric phenomenon.

Mycology – The study of fungi.

Neurology – The study of nerves.

Numismatics – Coins and medals.

Obstetrics – Branch of medicine dealing with pregnancy.

Odontography – Science, and study of Teeth.

Olericulture – Vegetables growing.

Ornithology – The study of birds.

Paleontology – Study of animal fossils.

Pathology - (Pathos = disease +logus-knowledge) Study of disease.

Pedagogy – Education

Phrenology – Skull, and brain.

Philately – Stamp collecting.

Philology – Study of language.

Phonetics – Concerning the sounds of a spoken language.

Physiographic – Natural phenomenon.

Phytogeny – Origin and growth of plants.

Pomology – Fruits study.

Psychology – Study of mind.

Seismology – Study of earthquakes.

Sericulture – Silk-worm breeding.

Sociology – Social problems and human progress.

Telepathy – Communication between two minds at a distance with the help of emotions, thought and feeling.

Therapeutics – Healing of diseases and laws of health.

Tribology – The study of increasing surfaces in relative motion.

Virology – Study of viruses.

Zoology – Science of Animal life.

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Comment by FARAZ AKHTAR on Fri, Jul 2nd, 2010 at 9:28 AM
ornithology-study of bone is wrong, the correct answer is study of birds.
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