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Units of Measurement

Units of Measurement

Ampere – Unit of electric current.

Angstrom – The unit of wavelength of light.

Bar – It is the unit of atmospheric pressure; one bar is equal to pressure of 1.013x105 N/m2.

Calorie – The unit of heat.

Coulomb – Practical unit of quantity of electricity is called a Coulomb, 1C = 1 A.s.

Decibel – The commonly known unit of loudness of sound.

Dyne – C.G.S. unit of force.

Erg – The unit of work or energy in C.G.S. system of units.

Fared – The unit of the capacity of a condenser is farad.

Foot Candle – The unit of brightness of light is called a Foot candle.

Horse Power – The practical unit of power is 1 H.P. – 746 watts.

Joule – It is unit of work or energy in SI system. It is equal to 107 ergs.

Knot – It is a measure to know the speed of a ship.

Light year – It is the distance which the light covers in vacuum in one year. (1 Light year – 9.46 x 1015m)

Nautical Mile – A unit of distance used I navigation- one minute of longitude measured along the Equator. It comes approximately to 6,080 feet.

Newton – Unit (written as Newton) of force in the meter-kilogram-second (MKS) system.

Ohm – Unit (written as ohm) of electrical resistance of a conductor.

Quintal – Metric measure of weight, 1 quintal – 100 kg.

Volt – The unit (written as volt) of potential difference.

Watt – Unit (written as watt) of power.

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