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Key Advantages of Using Knowledge Base Software

Here is a list of the key advantages that your organization can benefit from using a knowledge base management software such as PHPKB.

  1. Customer care improvement. Staff receives feedback information and takes appropriate measures in time from knowledge management software.
  2. Customer support costs decreasing. Customers receive sought-for information from web based knowledge base software without staff involvement.
  3. Staff is able to find or receive necessary information faster. All employees learn lessons from somebody else’s mistakes and take advantages of each other’s attainments.
  4. Decision-making process improvement. Decisions are being made objectively, not subjectively with Knowledge Management Software.
  5. Employees and departments work more efficiently, avoiding re-inventing the wheel, reducing redundant work.
  6. Information networks and communication facilities allow consolidation of staff members and groups, including ones from remote regions.
  7. Retention of intellectual property. Prevent knowledge from leaving when an employee leaves.
  8. Reduce employee training time. Gain ability for new and existing employees to acquire job knowledge faster, reducing training time and providing higher job quality.
  9. Knowledge accumulation and usage is a key to business success. Go on and provide your employees, partners, and customers with the knowledge management software tool they require to do business better.
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