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Use PHP Functions In JavaScript with PHP.JS Library

PHP Functions in JavaScriptPHP.JS is a JavaScript library that enables anyone to use PHP functions on client-side. It can be very helpful to any developer who wants to get the PHP functions on static pages with JavaScript to get the extra functionality (like being able to use file_get_contents(), mktime(), serialize() ) & take the load off the server. Currently about 400 PHP functions are ported to JavaScript & there are still ones being experimented or waiting to be included. But it is possible to find the most popular ones (even md5()). The download packages can be totally customized & it is possible to get only the functions you need besides all of them.

No server component required to use PHP functions in JavaScript. To use php.js you can either:
  • Goto one of the Functions and just Copy-Paste it :)
  • Customize & download a package (only select what you need)
  • Download the default package (big size use for study only)
If you know how to use functions in PHP, you should know how to do it in JavaScript with php.js

Requirements: No Requirements
Compatibility: All Major Browsers

PHP.JS Website
Download PHP.JS
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