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  1. JavaScript Importance - Why JavaScript should matter to you? In the dark days of its past, JavaScript was often used as copy-and-paste vanilla snippets to add bells and whistles to a site. Today, JavaScript powers Rich Internet Applications (RIA), from full-fledged webmail and calendar systems to modern user i... Read More
  2. Create Standalone JavaScript Modal Windows with TinyBox2 TinyBox2 is the successor of the previously published resource TinyBox which is a standalone JavaScript modal windows library. The library is lightweight (only 5kb) and supports images, iframes, HTML and Ajax requests natively. Modal windows are v... Read More
  3. 10 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks In this article we review following 10 JavaScript frameworks and comparing them by various aspects. jQuery Prototype MooTools ExtJS Qooxdoo Yahoo UI Library (YUI) MochiKit Midori The Dojo Toolkit jQuery jQuery is a fast and... Read More
  4. Free JavaScript Date Picker - jsDatePick jsDatePick is a JavaScript date picker that uses DOM techniques to generate its HTML code. You can attach date picker as a popup or appended directly to the field. It does not rely on any JavaScript library and works in all major web browsers. With j... Read More
  5. dTree - Flexible JavaScript Tree Menu dTree is an easy to setup & use classic JavaScript tree menu. With a XHTML 1.0 strict validated output, this tree menu supports unlimited number of levels and remembers the state between pages. dTree is free and very simple to set up and use. You... Read More
  6. JavaScript Tree Menu Component - jsTree Menu jsTree is a cross-browser, free & flexible JavaScript tree menu component with various features. It can create the tree from predefined HTML, JSON or XML data. Different types of nodes (open, close, rename, create, delete) can be created & su... Read More
  7. Use PHP Functions In JavaScript with PHP.JS Library PHP.JS is a JavaScript library that enables anyone to use PHP functions on client-side. It can be very helpful to any developer who wants to get the PHP functions on static pages with JavaScript to get the extra functionality (like being able to use ... Read More
  8. TinyBox - JavaScript Lightweight Modal Window Popup Script TinyBox is a lightweight and standalone modal window script. At only 3.4KB it doesn't include any slideshow capabilities built-in but it can display any AJAX or HTML content (from text to videos). Future versions will include additional features. It ... Read More
  9. ICEpdf - Open Source Java PDF Library ICEpdf is a 100% Java-based open source PDF library for creating & displaying and printing PDF documents from any Java application. The library is lightweight, fast & easy to use. It can render PDF files up to version 1.6. The PDF library ca... Read More
  10. 13 Useful Javascript Syntax Highlighting Scripts A Syntax Highlighter allows you to easily post syntax-highlighted source code to your site without loosing it's formatting or making any manual changes. Syntax highlighting is very important especially when we want to show our code example on the blo... Read More
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