Side Effects of Watching 3D TV

3D TV is quickly growing in popularity as more and more 3D TV's and 3D TV kits are being developed and released to the public. Can this be a bad thing? Should we allow our children to play 3D games on 3D tv's for hours at a time? Should we watch 3D TV for more than a few hours at a time, every day? These are some of the questions we will be trying to answer as this new technology becomes more mainstream.

3D TV Side Effects

  • Is 3D TV bad for your eyes?
  • Does watching 3D TV damage your eyes?
  • Should I let my children play games on a 3D TV?
  • What are the possible neurological effects of long-term exposure to 3D?
  • Does wearing 3D glasses for extended periods of time have long term side effects?
  • What does watching 3D TV do to my depth perception?
  • Should I drive my car after watching long periods of 3D TV?

It is not just roller coasters that might be dangerous for people who have a stroke or epilepsy, watch 3D TV was equally dangerous. At least that's what was announced by Samsung for its customers who buy a 3D TV that currently seems to do is popular. Samsung issued a few health warnings (Health Risks) regarding the use of 3D TV for 3D TV owners. In addition to stroke and epilepsy, 3D TV could also result in headaches, eye fatigue/pain, disorientation and even so is not recommended for people who are drunk to watch 3D TV. Other things like the use of 3D glasses for too long may cause headaches. View the list of answers along with possible side effects of watching 3D TV.