Maruti Cervo Car - Maruti Cervo Reviews, Features & Price

Maruti Cervo is a small car that is to be launched in Indian Market soon. This car will be a competitor with Tata Nano. Maruti Cervo’s expected price will be from 1.5 to 2 lacs approximate. The largest auto manufacturer of India, Maruti is launching this car for Indian buyers to provide a small and attractive car at an affordable range. The Maruti Cervo is based on Suzuki Cervo’s original model that is available in Japan. Some of its luxury features could be reduced in India to provide an affordable range but engine would be same. The new Maruti Cervo is to be launched in Mid June this summer. This car is Fuel efficient. Its attractive body material and color plus Head lights and back lights makes an aggressive exterior look. Enough space inside the car to carry luggage. Comfortable space inside the car, leg room and comfy seats with headrest. Maruti Cervo’s Sleek looks, Classy Interiors, affordable price range and engine efficiency makes it a must buy car. Maruti Cervo’s sporty and stylish sexy looks makes it a new generation car.

Maruti Cervo

Maruti is aggressively working on Maruti Cervo to launch it in the Indian auto market by the end of this June. Maruti Cervo is a five door hatchback model with spacious passenger cabin. Maruti Cervo will be equipped with the 0.7L, 660cc petrol engine which is able to produce maximum power of 60bhp. This power-plant delivers peppy performance with great fuel efficiency.

The arching roofline, sporty headlamps and fog lamps which is placed next to its large grille makes the front appearance of Maruti Cervo very aggressive. Its rear is also appealing with its high mounted large tail lamps. The rear seat of Maruti Cervo can accommodate only two passengers while the front row has a lot more storage space as compared to the rear row. The luggage box has enough space to carry daily shopping bags.

To handle and maneuver this car in city traffic is very easy and much comfortable. Its compact size, quick responding transmission and control features make the drive much easier and smooth. Power steering in the car help to handle it with less effort. Apart from this, parking the vehicle anywhere is much easier due to its small dimension. The Maruti Cervo is expected to be fitted with central locking and AC.

After the launch Maruti Cervo will surely attract the younger generation with its sporty stylish look, classy interiors and sleek exterior design. The extremely sleek look, efficient engine and economical price range is bound to give a good start to Maruti Cervo. According to the predictions and speculation of auto experts, Maruti Cervo will be the fastest and most selling car in the Indian auto market, after its launch.

Maruti Cervo Technical Specification

  • Manual Transmission with 5 Speed Gearbox.
  • Petrol Engine
  • 5 seater Car
  • Headlamps, Tail-lights
  • Power Steering
  • Air Conditioner
  • Central Locking System
  • Two Airbags for safety
  • Comfortable Interior
  • Engine Immobilzer
  • Front and side Impact Beams
  • Child safety lock
  • Seat Belts & Rear View Mirror
  • Front dist and Rear drum Brakes

Maruti Cervo Engine Specifications

  • Petrol Engine 0.7L 60bhp, 660cc
  • Fuel Efficient Engine
  • VVT (Variable Valve Timing) Technology for Maximum Power

Maruti Cervo Mileage and Fuel

  • Top Speed – 115 km/h
  • Average Mileage – 20 to 23 kmpl
  • City Mileage – 22 kmpl
  • Highway Mileage – 26 kmpl.
  • Fuel Base – Petrol
Engine Capacity and Performance

Maruti Cervo has been launched in Japan already and doing very well. After seeing the response form the country, Suzuki is planning to launch the machine in India under the alliance with Maruti Udyog. As the tradition for Suzuki, the Maruti Cervo would be launched here with less luxury features but engine would be more or less same. That means, Maruti Cervo will be fitted with new generation 0.7L petrol engine with VVT technology. This engine, must be of 660cc, would churns out 60bhp of maximum power and 64 Nm of peak torque. The powertrain is equipped with some of the advanced technologies which ensure better fuel economy and power. One of the technology which is incorporated in the mill is Variable Valve Timing (VVT). The VVT is there for greater fuel efficiency, less carbon emissions and minimum power loss. The system allows the timing of the intake valve to be altered when the mill is in action, hence making sure that is no chance of power loss or wastage. This results in lesser carbon emissions, greater fuel economy and refined mill efficiency. The technology also ensure quick pick-up, starting and power for any kind of roads. Maruti Cervo would come fitted with four speed automatic transmission that uses the power very well and clears the traffic in an amazing way.
  1. It is looking very beautiful. I like this car. When it will be launched please contact me.

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  5. Maruti Cervo will probably be a compact vehicle packed through high quality functions coming from Suzuki. The Maruti Cervo which is actually currently dominating Japan’s roads arrives packed together with a 660cc DOHC motor along with VVT. This valuable power-plant provides peppy overall performance by way of excellent energy effectiveness.

  6. Nice Car for Nice People! I am 100% sure that Maruti Cervo will definitely beat Tata Nano in India. Its a new Compat Fuel Efficient Car From Maruti.

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