Spread of Islam - When was Islam Founded?

When was Islam founded?

Islam was founded by the prophet Muhammad in the Middle East in the AD 600s. within 400 years, the Islamic religion had spread far and wide. The Islamic rulers, called caliphs, led great armies that conquered a region stretching from central Asia, across North Africa and into Spain. The followers of Islam believe in one God, Allah, and are known as Muslims.

Makkah MosqueWhich is Islam’s most important city?

Makkah, in modern-day Saudi Arabia, is Islam’s most holy city. It is where the prophet Muhammad was born in AD 570. every year, millions of Muslims travel to Makkah on a sacred journey called a pilgrimage, or hajj. Muslims are expected to visit Makkah at least once in their lives, if possible. The Great Mosque in Makkah can hold up to 1 million worshippers at a time.

What was Muslim art like?

Pictures of people and animals were forbidden by Islam, so Muslim art had its own style. Buildings, pottery and carpets were decorated with patterns of flowers and leaves, geometric designs or beautiful writing. This elaborate writing, known as calligraphy, was usually a quote from the Qur’an. Books were often highly decorated in the same style.

Where do Muslims worship?

Muslims worship in a sacred building called a mosque. At a mosque, Muslims pray and learn about the Islamic holy book, the Qur’an. As Islam spread around the world, many different styles of mosques were built, but most have a courtyard surrounded by four halls. Many mosques have towers called minarets, from witch caries call the faithful to prayer.

Did you know?
In a place in Baghdad, there was a huge tree made of gold and silver, filled with mechanical golden birds. The birds chirped to cheer up the caliph if he felt sad.