Chinese Rulers - Who Ruled China in the past?

How ruled China in the past?

Fromm 221 BC until AD 1912, China was ruled by a series of emperors. These men were powerful and were called sons of heaven. During the time, china was one of the largest, richest and most advance civilizations in the world. The Chinese people believed their country was the centre of the world and they thought that any foreigners were barbarians.

Where was the Silk Route?

The Silk Route was a series of tracks that ran westwards from China, over mountains and deserts, to ports in the Middle East and around the Mediterranean Sea. Chinese merchants transported silk, porcelain (fine pottery) and other goods along the Silk Route to sell gold, jade and horses, back to China.

What did the Chinese invent?

The Chinese were great inventors and made many important discoveries. They invented canals to transport goods around the country. They invented gunpowder, flame-throwers and exploding bombs to defend themselves. The Chinese developed papermaking and bank notes, and made a seismograph to sense when an earthquake might happen. They also created silk, fireworks and the game of football!

Did you know?
The Chinese invented pasta, too. Explorer Marco Polo brought the recipe for noodles back to Europe from China after visiting there in the 1200s.

Why was the Great Wall built?

The Great Wall of China was built to keep out invaders from the north. It began as a series of separate walls that joined up in around 220 BC. Along the wall, there were many watch towers. If a guard spotted danger, he would light a fire to signal to the next tower. This tower would light a fire, too, and so on, until everyone was alerted.