10 Password Strength Meter Scripts to Check Password Strength

Password Strength Meter These quick password strength meter scripts are meant to help users learn how to create stronger passwords and implement password strength checking in their web forms. For membership websites, registration forms are one of the most important parts. Implemention of a password strength meter will not only help your users create a strong password but also the first step where you can show that you care about the security of the website & all the data collected. Password strength checking improves the security of the website so that weak passwords are not allowed to be used that may have unwanted consequences.
Guiding users to have a strong password with the help of password strength meters, besides being an easy process, will help improve the security of the whole & show that the website pays attention to it.
Here are 10 password strength meter scripts for a better registration interface:
  1. Password Meter

    Password Meter is a JavaScript function that checks the strengths of passwords with a well-defined algorithm and their website nicely displays how the strength is calculated.

  2. Ultimate Password Strength Meter

    The ultimate password strength meter is an improved version of this script. It that has a graphical interface (uses Prototype & Script.aculo.us) that shows the strength of the password entered.

  3. Yet Another Password Meter

    Based on the PasswordMeter script, YAPM is an improved version which enables you to measure the strength of your passwords and use the functions inside to adapt in your websites.

  4. jQuery Password Strength Meter

    Password Strength Meter is a jQuery plug-in that provides a smart algorithm for detecting a password’s strength.

  5. JavaScript Password Strength Meter

    With the help of regular expressions that checks the repeated characters, uppercase-lowercase usage, the string length & more, this password meter script generates a score for the password.

  6. How to Make a Password Strength Meter Like Google?

    Based on the code here, this is a JavaScript password meter . It displays the result with a color bar & an information text.

  7. jQuery Password Strength Meter Plugin

    This jQuery plugin calculates the password strength similar to the other solutions like checking the repeated characters, the amount of numbers, special characters used, etc. But with a difference takes into consideration the username value too.

  8. Password Strength Field (A jQuery Plugin)

    Using the Password Strength Field plugin, you can instantly add this functionality to a password field. It can be configured to have a custom "point system" where every variable can be defined.

  9. PHP Password Strength Meter

    A detailed tutorial on creating an Ajaxed password meter with PHP . This script checks the input at the server-side rather client-side. A JSON result (strength value) is returned from the Ajax request and according to that value, the strength of the password is displayed.

  10. Password Strength Meter With ExtJS

    This script is built with Ext JS framework and displays the password strength with an animated bar.

Aditional Password Strength Checking Resources

Password Strength Checking Tool

What sets this tool apart is that we have collected data on the most frequently used passwords which mean that if a user enters a password that is very common (and therefore likely easy to guess) we let them know so that they can avoid it. Also, it tells how much time it will take a computer to guess/crack the given password.