Enterprise Knowledge Management Products

Knowledge management products help organizations build and maintain the best practices in knowledge management. Some of the most popular products are described below.

Enterprise Content & Collaboration

Knowledge Base SoftwareProducts under this category integrate digital asset management, content aggregation, and distribution. They allow users to maintain and access critical digital assets in a proper workflow and under appropriate heads, making it easier for other users to search. Some companies offer systems with document management, business process automation, and portal content access. Some advanced products available on the market integrate many pieces of records management, Web publishing, imaging, workflow, knowledge management, and collaboration software. The collaboration module allows people within and outside an organization to participate in sharing documents and tasks as well as communicating through discussion threads.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Business process management or BPM is software that sends a “guide” to the relevant back-office systems when a problem or exception occurs in order to tackle the ongoing challenge. This guide automatically collects the background data, presents it to an employee and guides him through the process of remedying the situation. The BPM software also monitors processes for events, prompts human or automated action to respond to those events, and measures process performance and business impact, thus identifying and managing problems before they become costly. It also provides automatic escalation of process tasks. The software also allows users to design their own processes using a graphical process designer.

Search & Categorization

Products in this category drill deeply into content to tag documents along semantic, statistical, and structural parameters. As a result, users can search documents very specifically for events, locations, people, and facts as well as for words and concepts. Combining categorization, metadata extraction and analysis, and guided search, some software products offer the core elements of technology required for truly efficient, enterprise-wide access to information.

Chadha Software Technologies offers PHPKB, a knowledge base software solution, that allows users to easily create and maintain a FAQ, documentation system, or complete support knowledge base system.

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