Who Might Use Knowledge Base Software?

Knowledge base software is an intelligent software that can make the best use of your company’s resources in the most efficient way. The software may assist in knowledge capture, categorization, deployment, inquiry, discovery, or communication. You can get maximum benefits by organizing and managing resources of your company. Knowledge base software can be used in large corporate businesses to medium and small business. Enterprises, education institution and universities, hospitals and many other are using it.

Universities and Other Educational Institutions

Knowledge Base Software and CRM solutions enable the educational institutions to experience the real exceptional constituent experience. Knowledge Base Software solutions can improve constituent satisfaction by integrating the power of email, phone, chat, SMS text messaging, print, portal and application management with a robust and mature Web services platform, automated work-flows, comprehensive analytics, and a system-wide knowledge base. As a result there would be increased enrollment of talented students, capacity to maintain more students and an opportunity to enjoy the strong relationship with the current students and future alumni at the very low cost. These applications are highly configurable and can be deployed rapidly on-premise or hosted as a service.

Benefits for Enterprises

Most of the enterprises use the Knowledge Base Software for management the information and data related to their employees and their customers. Most of the enterprises emphasize on the importance of a Knowledge Base Software which really helps them enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction level. By using Knowledge Base Software they can set sophisticated privilege levels for data access. Users can access Knowledge Base Administrators to get answers to their queries.

IT Help Desk

IT help desks with Knowledge Base CRM in various businesses are also fulfilling the client, employee requests 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Knowledge base software front ends your constituents ability to self-serve through a permissions-based access. Escalate additional requests via email, chat or the telephone, based on constituent value or priority based on service level agreements. SMS text messaging and email provide timely distribution of emergency message and reminder notifications.

Sales and Customer Services

Knowledge base software is an intelligent system which can instantly and accurately answer repetitive customer questions on a 24/7 basis. Knowledge Base (KB) software is very easy to configure on your website, its so easy that you can have Customer Services System working on your website in about an hour. Knowledge base software can be designed to learn and grow your customer services and sales experiences. In cases where a question cannot be answered, Knowledge Base Software will make it easy for the customer to contact you by email and will also record the question so you can use the information to improve the system.

Benefits for Call Centers

Call centers are also rapidly adopting knowledge Base systems. By implementing self-help to customers and a search engine on a call center the typical call center can expect to gain significant efficiency and cost savings. Knowledge Base software helps in improving the rate of first call contact resolution, accuracy of provided information, reduced call durations, decreased training time for new comers and dynamic FAQs for fast access to the common solution.

Some areas where knowledge base software can really play an important role are:
  • Training departments
  • Human resources
  • Legal Departments
  • Traffic Law Departments to provide the answers of frequently asked questions to the public.
  • Any departments where knowledge is important
Which is the best knowledge base software?

Knowledge Base SoftwarePHPKB is a PHP powered "Knowledge Base Software" that allows users to easily create and maintain a FAQ, documentation system, or complete support knowledge base. PHPKB Knowledge Base Script makes publishing, sharing and collaborating on knowledge easy. PHPKB is a professional knowledge base management system powered by PHP and MySQL. It allows you to quickly and easily organize frequently asked questions, articles, and documentation into a categorized and search-able knowledge base.

Characteristics of a Knowledge Base Software

Knowledge base software should be powerful, configurable, and simple-to-use that is designed to capture, organize, and share your information.