How are babies made? How is baby made?

How is a baby made?

A baby is made when two very tiny cells, one from a father and one from mother, join together. The male cell is called a sperm and the female cell is called egg. The cells are so tiny,  you can only see them under a microscope. After the join, they begin to grow and a baby develops.

How does a baby grow?

A baby grows when a new cell forms from the sperm and egg cells. This new cell is called a zygote. The zygote then divides into two. Then these two cells divide. This process is called cell division. It goes on and on, and as new cells form, they gather together in different groups to make different parts of the baby’s body.

When is a baby ready to be born?

A baby grows inside its mother for a total of nine months before it is ready to be born. At first, it is very small. After three months, it is still only about eight centimeters long, although it already has hands, feet, eyes a nose and a mouth. By the time it is born, a baby is much bigger, but it is still helpless and needs to be fed and cared for.

Did you know?
A baby can cry as soon as it is born. Crying does not necessarily means a baby is unhappy, but it is the only way a baby can tell people what it needs.

Why did children look like their parents?

Children look like their parents because of their genes. Genes are a special kind of instruction code found in the cells in the baby. Genes tell the cells what kind of cell they should turn into. They are passed on from a mother and father when a baby is made. That is why children often look like their parents.