Skype FIFA World Cup Promotion - Talk Free For A Month

To celebrate the world most exciting and thrilling event FIFA world cup, Skype has designed a promotional offer to keep football fans in touch for free. The promotion allows Skype users in the U.S, Mexico and many others countries to call any mobile or land-line for free for a month. Now Skype users can enjoy FIFA world cup 2010 in South Africa and share the feelings with friends and family. To view out the details of Skype world cup promotional program, click this link.

How to Make a Call with Skype

  1. Download Skype on your mobile and install the Skype software.
  2. Sign up as a new Skype user.
  3. Contact a friend (and anyone else you’d like to call) via email or regular phone and tell him or her to follow the above steps.
  4. Sign in with your user name and password. Now you can make call with your contact list friends or someone on their mobile or landline.
  5. In the main window, click on the flag menu and change the country if you’re calling abroad. Then click in the box beside the flag. Type the phone number or click numbers on the keypad. Click the big green phone button. Doing so will “call” your friend, and Skype will ring on your friend’s mobile or landline.
  6. When your friend answers, you can start your conversation. Right-click your friend’s icon for advanced options during your call, such as “mute” (to mute your side of the call), “hold” (to put your friend on hold to take another call), “start chat” (allows you to send text chats during your call) or “send file” (should you wish to send a photo, link or document).
  1. Is this promotion over after the end of World Cup?