What is a Knowledge Base Management Software?

Knowledge Base Management Software is generally used to organize information, and provide the facility to retrieve that data or information in future. The internet has made the use of knowledge bases more common as a resource that provide 24/7 technical support to customers through a company’s website. Most of the corporate companies use online knowledge bases for the maximum customer satisfaction.

What is Knowledge Base?

In general, a knowledge base is a centralized warehouse for information: a public library, a database of related information about a particular subject. In relation to information technology (IT), a knowledge base is a machine-readable resource for the dissemination of information, generally online or with the capacity to be put online. An integral component of knowledge management systems, a knowledge base software is used to optimize information collection, organization, and retrieval for an organization, or for the general public.

Knowledge Base SoftwareAn intelligent knowledge base can help an enterprise to save money by reducing the time spent by the employee in their effort to find the required information – among countless possibilities – tax laws or company policies and procedures. As a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, a knowledge base can give customers easy access to information that would otherwise require contact with an organization’s staff; as a rule, this capacity should make the interaction simpler for both the customer and the organization. As a Financial Services management tool, a knowledge base can give financial managers easy access to information about the financial matters of the organization that would otherwise require contact with an organization’s staff. A number of software applications are available that allow finance mangers to manage the finances of the company.

In general, a knowledge base is a dynamic collection of information and sometimes may have capability to learn as a part of an Artificially Intelligent expert system. According to the W3C, the Internet may become a vast and complex global knowledge base, known as the Semantic Web in the future.

Important Features of Knowledge Base Management Software

Most of the knowledgebase software offers certain features like you can publish and manage your articles, whitepapers, user manuals, and business processes. Users can get almost all kind of information related to the particular product through knowledge base management software. In case the information about customer’s query is not available in knowledge base, it will provide you an easy alternative to ask your query. Knowledge Base Software is a fully featured browser based system that can be access from anywhere in the world with access to internet. Knowledge Base Software is highly searchable. Knowledge base software allows you to add repeatable, reusable content through templates, file attachments and mirror categories. It provides role based access to have full control of users and what they can see. Unlimited user privileges, full control of admin users and what they can do.