What are the differences between PHPKB 2.0 and PHPKB 6 ML?

Here is the list of differences between PHPKB 2.0 and the PHPKB 6.0 ML, the multi-language release of PHPKB 6.0.

  1. Version 2.0 does not allow you to post a single article in more than one category where as you can post a single article in multiple categories in version 6.0
  2. Search engine of Version 6.0 is most powerful feature as it display results according to their relevancy for searched keywords i.e. most relevant results are displayed at top plus user can filter his/her results according to various options present on right side. Version 2.0 didn’t had this powerful search as it just searched for any of the keywords in title and content and used to display irrelevant results to the end-user.
  3. Version 6.0 allow you to set more important articles as featured so that they always display on the homepage as well as at the top place in their categories.
  4. Version 6.0 is more secure and stable than 2.0 and it is 2 times faster in operation than 2.0
  5. Version 6.0 prevents SQL injection and JavaScript XSS Attacks.
  6. Version 6.0 stores passwords in encrypted format using industry standard md5 encryption method where as in case of old versions, passwords were stored in plain text format.
  7. Version 6.0 offers dashboard with flash charts for knowledgebase manager where as version 2.0 shows basic stats on the welcome page.
  8. Version 6.0 has version control feature where it saves a copy of the article title & content each time an article is updated so that you can revert back to an old version in case you want to.
  9. Version 6.0 allows you to see what websites and search engines are referring to your articles and via what keywords. All this is avaialable in the form of a nicely laid out report. There was no such feature in old versions.
  10. Version 2.0 does not offer SEO links for KB articles by default where as version 6.0 offers three choices of SEO links for KB articles so that your KB items get maximum exposure in search engines.
  11. Version 6.0 has the User-Groups module already built-in to retrict the access to certain parts of your knowledge-base for special users only where as this features was not available in version 2.0
  12. Version 6.0 offers you the ability to create custom fields for knowledgebase articles so that you can add any extra items to your knowedgebase articles according to your choice. This was not possible in version 2.0.
  13. Version 6.0 allows you to view knowledgebase analytics just like Google Analytics so that you can view how many articles are viewed in a day, in yesterday, last week, last month, last 3 months, last 6 months and last year.
  14. Version 6.0 offers you over 20 types of reports about your knowledgebase. These reports are accompnied with animated flash charts that display the statistical data in the form of bar chatrts, line charts and pie charts in real time.
  15. Version 6.0 is future proof, it automatically checks if a new update is available and prompts you to upgrade.

These are just a few features. Version 6.0 is complete re-programmed from scratch and we have made sure that it is the best release of PHPKB so far. Version 2.0 would be discontinued from August 2010 and no support would be provided for PHPKB 2.0. So, we strongly recommend all PHPKB 2.0 customers to upgrade to PHPKB 6.0 ML as early as possible.