Causes and Symptoms of Color Blindness

As the name suggests, color blindness is a medical problem in which a person is unable to distinguish between certain colors. This in turn can have an effect on the overall life of a person as there are certain professions and tasks that people suffering from color blindness are unable to do. This article will talk about the various causes and symptoms of color blindness along with providing some effective tips to deal with this problem.

Color BlindnessA person’s eye has light-sensitive cells that are responsible for providing vision of a particular color, usually red, green, and blue colors. In people suffering from color blindness, one or more of such cells can be missing or damaged and this in turn makes the person either unable to see the color or see it with a different variation.

You might wonder about the factors that snatch certain colors from a person’s life. Usually, the problem of color blindness is genetic and a child is born with it. However, there are other factors too that can cause this problem later on in life. These include eye diseasesand injuries, especially those which affect the optic nerve of the eye. In addition, the process of aging too can sometimes lead to color blindness.

After having looked at the various causes of color blindness, let’s look at some of its symptoms. Usually, a person suffering from color blindness will find it difficult to distinguish between different variations of colors. There are some people who are unable to see one particular color and there are also those who have serious form of color blindness and are able to see only a few particular colors.

We all want our lives to be filled with various colors. However, all people are not so lucky as there are some who suffer from color blindness and are thus devoid of the privilege to become familiar with all colors of the world. However, these days, there are many treatments and ways by which a person can lead a healthy and a happy life despite suffering from problems like color blindness.

  1. Color Blindness also occurs if one has eye disease which later on affect optical nerve, this can further lead to a genetic deficiency.