Educational Solutions of Knowledge Base Software

PHPKB knowledge base software Knowledge Base Software and CRM solutions enable the educational institutions to experience the real exceptional constituent experience. Knowledge Base Solutions can improve constituent satisfaction by integrating the power of email, phone, chat, SMS text messaging, print, portal and application management with a robust and mature Web services platform, automated work-flows, comprehensive analytics, and a system-wide knowledge base. As a result there would be increased enrollment of talented students, capacity to maintain more students and an opportunity to enjoy the strong relationship with the current students and future alumni at the very low cost. These applications are highly configurable and can be deployed rapidly on-premise or hosted as a service.

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM)

The common challenge that most of the admission, service teams faces in their effort to identify, attract, engage and communicate with the prospective student are the need of a strategic enrollment CRM that provides the communication tools. These kind of communicational tools are needed by the institutions to build personalized, one-to-one relationships that help achieve enrollment goals, while ensuring a world-class constituent experience. Knowledge Base CRM helps drive profitability by reducing costs and increasing revenues through greater constituent satisfaction and communication effectiveness.

Combine the Power of the Internet with Traditional Communication Channels

A Knowledge base CRM software can be attached to the powerful world of Internet along with the traditional methods. It can have capacity to interact with prospective students using email, phone, Web forms, chat, portal and knowledgebase. A Knowledge base software, CRM can help in gaining a unified view of each contacts profile information, interactions, applications, event participation and transactions across all communication channels and departments.

Improve Student Prospecting and Recruiting Programs

A Knowledge base CRM can also be used to improve the student prospecting and recruitment plans. This can be done by segmenting prospects by critical data attributes, sending personalized email containing conditional content, measuring recruiters’ success rates and by proactively push constituent data and information to staff. This helps in automating recruiters daily activities and reduces communication expenses, while improving results.

Enhance Student Engagement and Retention Efforts

One of the greatest benefits of using Knowledge base CRM software is that it helps to build strong, personalized student relationships that increase retention levels. It enables ongoing student communication plans and provides timely, accurate answers to a variety of student inquiries. It can also provide student feedback mechanisms, such as email and online surveys. All these facilities ultimately enhance the student engagement with the institute.

Education Finance CRM

Knowledge base management software facilitates the financial managers in universities or in any other educational institutions to manage their financial records and complete communication process in a single Knowledge base management system. You can control and integrate student data in student information system and in data ware house via Knowledge based management software.

Student Services

Today one of the major goals for higher education personnel to retain the large number of students while offering excellent constituent service. Student Services Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) in Knowledge base management software can offer multidimensional assistance for student orientation, counseling, online advice, and individualized contact with constituents. This facility really helps to decrease the cost of the interaction with the students in the same it provide student with opportunities for practical, immediate and co-browsing communication programs that are the basis of any retention initiative. Knowledge based management software also helps to create a positive impression on students by offering real time web access to the students and provide students with personalized advice in real time. It also helps to automate student information request routing and manage multi-step communication plans with the students.

Advancement and Development

Knowledge base CRM systems provide opportunities for institutional advancement and create relationships with the former students, patrons, employees, parents and business partners. It also helps to develop student relations, and public affairs staff to improve contacts to meet funding goals. Using Knowledge base CRM system effectively will enhance productivity, while decreasing program operating cost.

Information Technology Help Desk

Knowledge base CRM system also contributes to enhance capacity of IT Help Desk fulfills student, faculty and staff requests on 24/7 basis and make use of knowledge base to avert the inbound calls and emails. Proactively communicate requests, system changes and instructions via multiple channels within the automated Knowledge base Campaign work-flow, including email, SMS text messaging, phone and print.