Why Every Enterprise Needs Knowledge Management Software?

Business is very hard thing and to evolve it successfully a CEO should know a lot and not only know but do right things. It’s like in an old quote “manager do thing right, leaders do right things”. Today we will focus on the benefits of knowledge base software for enterprises.

The Role of Knowledge Base Software in Business Development

Who needs knowledge management software solution? It’s perfectly matches form vending, companies, service providers, educational organizations, and at least for any company it’s possible to only imagine. What gives knowledge base management? It has all attitudes, necessary for usage in merchant goals. Here are the main benefits of Knowledge Base Software for enterprises:
  1. New level of knowledge base publishing. Publish the whole knowledge base as a multifunctional article directory, share a single article to any web page, or use semantic linking of existing website content with knowledge base articles.
  2. Keep knowledge base safe - data recovery, backup mechanisms, article history, and everything else is stored with high quality secure. Use recycle bin for deleted articles, rollback to previous articles version or restore the whole database from the backup within application.
  3. Easy software updater. Check for updates by clicking on the one button and update to the latest version with the help of simple wizard.
  4. Group and user management system. User groups simplify access control to knowledge base. Each group aggregates specific user rights and user assigned to this group inhabits its access permissions.
  5. Multiply article integration to existing website and inner usage in the knowledge base. Put the Widget with automatically related articles on your website or use it within the knowledge base.
  6. Many possible ways to read articles. Except plain browsing of the knowledge base and reading the articles as is, it is also possible to subscribe by RSS or email, print printer-friendly version of article, and share interesting article with friends in few clicks.
With confidence, knowledge base software will improve any business many times over.

Chadha Software Technologies, the leader in knowledge base management solutions has clients over the world. Some of them include CNN, VMware, AT&T, Maersk, Hitachi, Symantec, 3M, Accenture, NCR etc. Customers say that development cycle decreases by 20% in average and the average employee efficiency increased by 25% due to knowledge management and knowledge sharing. To know more about the knowledge management software by Chadha Software, please visit the official website of PHPKB Software.