Force and Motion - How Do Force Works?

When do things move? Things only move when a force is applied to them. Forces are pushes or pulls in a particular direction. A flag blows when the wind pushes it. A door opens when you pull it. Animals move when their feet push against the ground,... Read More

Light And Dark - where does light come from?

Where does light come from? The Earth's biggest source of light is the Sun. heat and light energy created by the Sun travels through space in straight lines called rays at almost 300,000 kilometers per second. The Earth spins right around once a... Read More

Underwater Life

When did ammonites live? Ammonites lived about 400 million years ago. They were sea animals with a hard spiral shell, and they probably floated rather slowly through the sea. Some ammonites were as big as juggernaut wheels. At this time, the oceans... Read More

The Brain - how does your brain work?

How does your brain work? Your brain works by sending and receiving messages through the nerves in your body. The nerves act like the body's telephone system. Information from your senses passes along nerves, up the spinal cord (a long nerve... Read More

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