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  1. Review of Mobile Web Application Frameworks If you are serious about getting your website or web application mobile-friendly, the easiest, fastest and proven method is to start with a mobile application framework. Similar to programming frameworks like cakePHP, Zend Framework, mobile framework... Read More
  2. 11 Places to Sell Your Web Site There comes a time where we all have an idea for a web site, we set it up and then we never have time to work on it. There also comes a time where you realize you don't have the passion you once did, and instead of just letting it die, you want to se... Read More
  3. Top Scams on the Web PandaLabs has drawn up a ranking of the most widely used internet scams over the last few years. These confidence tricks, which are still in wide circulation, all have the same objective: to defraud users of amounts ranging from $500 to thousands of ... Read More
  4. 10 AJAX based PHP WebMail Clients Here is a list of 10 AJAX-based PHP webmail client that delivers the look and feel, usability and performance of a desktop application. WebMail clients allows receiving and sending email messages using POP3 and SMTP protocols through both local and r... Read More
  5. Tableless Layout Tutorial - How to create a tableless website layout? This tableless web design tutorial will help you learn how to create a website design with a tableless layout using XHTML, DIVs and CSS. Tableless web design (or tableless web layout) is a method of web design and development without using HTML table... Read More
  6. Google Webmaster Tools Update Google has recently updated their 'Webmaster Tools' system to share new data that really can help you optimize your site for conversions. Google has just started sharing more detailed data for each individual search query in the 'Top Search Queries' ... Read More
  7. Web Application Security Tools & Scanner Applications A web application security scanner is program which communicates with a web application through the web front-end in order to identify potential security vulnerabilities in the web application and architectural weaknesses. It performs a black-box tes... Read More
  8. Google Skipfish - Web Application Security Scanner Google released Skipfish, a free fully automated, active web application security reconnaissance tool. It prepares an interactive sitemap for the targeted site by carrying out a recursive crawl and dictionary-based probes. The safety of the Internet ... Read More
  9. The Ultimate Web UI Kit - PSD file GraphicRiver has released an ultimate Web UI Kit that contains all Web UI elements in a PSD file. Included is a comprehensive set of Web UI elements that are intended to help designers save time, money, & headaches when they are mocking up web pa... Read More
  10. How Do I Choose The Right Web Hosting? You will find many different types of web hosting companies. Choosing a web hosting service provider depends on what type of website you have. The main website hosting types are: shared, free, managed dedicated and unmanaged dedicated web hosting. Fr... Read More
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