Self-service Support Portal for Software Companies

Every software company must have an online knowledge base that offers customers access to self-service technical support tools. It is an integral part of the online support functionality that enables even more targeted searches and allows users to interact with the support team through customisable profile pages.
The knowledge base software is designed to allow customers to access technical articles that offer solutions to commonly encountered problems, explanations for application behaviours, and answers to frequently asked questions. More than just a list of issues that customers may encounter, each solution featured on the Knowledge Base includes a background section where an in-depth technical analysis is given for specific software behavior.
  • Now customers and partners have access to even more functionality.
  • Users can conduct searches in English, German, French, and Japanese.
  • Searches can be conducted by product or subject.
  • Search results can be sorted by date, subject, and user-rating.
  • The top 10 articles about the subject or product being searched are made available automatically to help customers find information quickly.
  • All articles can be viewed online, printed, or shared via email.
Self service
The Knowledge Base is also integrated with a self-service portal where customers and partners can log and track issues, communicate with the support team, and access the latest product information, such as software updates and new releases.
The self-service portal is designed to allow users to customise a member profile page where they can report technical issues, attach files, and provide comments about their issue. Customer support team will view and respond to the issues directly within the member profile. All the activity within the member profiles is saved and can be accessed by the customer or support team at any time.
Partners and third-party support vendors can also create member profiles on behalf of their users and can communicate with support team through the Knowledge Base profiles. The profiles can be accessed by users, partners, and support-team 24/7 and are monitored by the support team 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and always-on support resource for the users. Now, by offering the ability to create individual user profiles, we are making it even easier for users to log issues, get answers, and track their interaction with the customer support. The Knowledge Base is offered in addition to other technical support options, including phone, chat, and email.
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